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As a business, being able to send purchase orders online can save you a lot of time, hassle, and money while streamlining your operations. If you buy anything, you'll send a purchase order to the supplier with the products you need outlined. Ordering inventory for a restaurant or store is a common example of when you would use purchase orders. But why do you need a purchase order generator, and what should you include in it? We'll outline all of this below.

Benefits of Using a Purchase Order

Purchase orders come with several benefits for anyone that uses them to order their supplies. A purchase order (PO) generator can give you a paper trail to track your purchases. Other benefits include:

  • Avoid Duplicate Orders - Accidentally sending out duplicate orders can easily set your business back hundreds or thousands of dollars. Purchase orders help you track exactly what you ordered and what manufacturers you ordered your products or services from.

  • Simplify Inventory - You can use your purchase orders to track what you have coming into your business for inventory. This simplifies the inventory process and helps you keep everything stocked.

  • Avoid Disputes - Purchase orders help avoid future disputes because they serve as a legal document. The seller can't come back and charge you extra for your items over what they had in the purchase order.
Billdu Online purchase order generator create purchase orders for free

How to Create a Purchase Order Using Billdu's Purchase Order Generator

It's very simple to create your purchase order using Billdu's PO generator. You don't need an account unless you want to save your purchase order to your dashboard. There are several easy sections to complete, and you'll go through step-by-step using the following outline.

1. Add Your Logo - Your company's logo is one way for your suppliers to identify your purchase orders at a glance. You'll add your company logo to the upper left corner.

Billdu purchase order generator inputs explained

2. Fill in the Issue and Due Dates On the right side of the free purchase order generator, you'll see the issue and due dates. The generator automatically inserts today's date as the issue date, but you can adjust it as you see fit. You can also adjust the due date.

Billdu purchase order generator inputs explained

    3. Company Details - In the "From" field, fill in your company details. Add your company name, address, and tax registration number.

Billdu purchase order generator inputs explained

    4. Customer Details - The "Bill To" box is where you'll put in all of the customer's details. Fill in the name, address, email, and tax registration number.

Billdu purchase order generator inputs explained

5. Items - Whatever you want to buy, you'll want to put in the Items field. List every item you want to purchase, how much you want to buy, and the price listed by the manufacturer.

6. Notes - The notes section allows you to fill in any special requirements you have for the supplier. You can specify how you'll pay, any delivery instructions, and more.

Billdu purchase order generator inputs explained

The purchase order generator will automatically calculate your total at the bottom of the paper. It'll take everything you input in step five plus any tax to get the total. You can pick different colors and add your company branding to personalize your purchase order more.

Features Your Purchase Order Needs to Look Professional

Along with everything we highlighted above, there are several important features you want to have in your purchase order. The goal is to make it as thorough as possible so there is no confusion down the line with the supplier.

  • Name of the Company - It's essential that you clearly spell out which company or supplier you want to use. This is especially important if you use multiple suppliers.

  • PO Number - Every purchase order should have a unique number. This lets you match your purchase order to each load that comes in to ensure you get everything you listed. It also helps you track what you bought, what you paid, and dates.

  • Date - The date will act as an official record when you placed the order and when the supplier delivered it.
  • Description and Quantity - The item description and quantity will ensure you don't double-up on your purchases. It also makes sure you don't order incorrectly, and it includes all of your technical specifications.
  • Agreed Prices- The price point is going to be one of the biggest factors in your purchase order. This leaves no room for the seller to raise the prices mid-order because it's legally binding.
Billdu Online purchase order generator create purchase orders for free

The Billdu App Doubles as a Mobile Purchase Order Generator

Once you create your purchase order, consider upgrading to get the Billdu App. This app will allow you to create and track your purchase orders on the go with your smartphone or another mobile device. The app will save all of your settings once you create an account.

Billdu supports iOS and Android devices using cloud-based software. You can see if the supplier accepted your purchase order, check the status, and track each one all from your phone. There is a PC version available as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a purchase order work?

A: A purchase order creates a legally binding document between a buyer and a supplier. It outlines all of the items you agree to purchase at a specific price. The purchase order will have the terms of payment and the delivery date included.

Q: Who issues the purchase order?

A: A buyer will issue the purchase order to the supplier or seller to indicate the quantities, types, and agreed prices for services or products. You use it to control product or service purchases with external suppliers.

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